Loraine Kemp - author, illustrator

Hey! Thanks for dropping by my website. Here you will find information about my writing, and pictures of my illustrations. However, this is also a place for young artists to hang out, send in artwork (refer to my CONTACT page) and refer to ARTIST TIPS AND OTHER COOL SITES under ARTIST’S CORNER in the same place to see what others have sent in. You could be my next Featured Artist on my home page!

The paintings below are from my upcoming book, written by Karen Autio, called Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon. The book explores Okanagan history by focusing on Wild Horse Canyon in Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park (south of Kelowna, BC) and its vicinity. This advanced picture book includes natural and social history. A young Okanagan man on a vision quest … horses wild and tamed … fur brigades … secret Second World War commando training: all are linked to the canyon and area. It will be a great read for young and old alike! The book will be published October 15, 2018 by Crwth Press. The book launch will be in the downtown Kelowna library on October 20, 2018 from 2:00-4:00 pm. The book launch tour will begin November 7, 2018.

To see other books I have illustrated, refer to the BOOKS Section.

Click on SCHOOL CHALLENGES to see what kids have sent in after my school visits. Each school got their own challenge to draw a different creature (like a bellator!) from Orion’s Sword, my yet-to-be-published MG fantasy, and I posted them for you to see. There is talent out there! Have a look!

I love being a writer and an illustrator. But the real truth? I’d rather be a bellator because they’re huge bat-like creatures with attitudes and wings!

Loraine Kemp

Loraine Kemp - author, illustrator

coloured illustration of latest book

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