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Here you will find cool ways others have used creativity in their artwork, as well as some tips to help you in your own artistic journeys. Have fun!


Drawing Tip #1

Have you ever drawn something and it doesn’t look right and you can’t figure out why? Here’s a tip I use ALL THE TIME! When you draw something, sometimes your eyes get so used to seeing your drawing that they can’t see the faults anymore.

It’s the same way when you walk into a room and you may smell something that you don’t smell as much when you get used to it. (ie. Cooking aromas in kitchens or someone’s ‘musty’ bedroom)

So how do we give our eyes a chance to see our drawing in a new way so we can see the faults better?



It really works! Suddenly your drawing is new to you because it’s the opposite image, but still the same drawing. Try it!!


Drawing Tip #2

Take a break! I always draw or paint for about ½ hour then take a break for at least a few minutes (sometimes I leave things for a day then come back). Like I said above, your eyes get used to seeing your drawing, and the mistakes don’t stand out anymore. Go, get a snack, walk around, text a couple of friends, whatever you like to give your eyes and head some down time.

(Obviously this is not for inside school, this is for at home habits!)





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Barbara Reid – Author & Illustrator

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