Orion’s Sword

Orion's Sword

Orion’s Sword

A Christian Young Adult Fantasy
(Yet to be published)

“A twelve-year-old boy’’s attempt to save his settllement on an allien planet: act off bravery or a suicide mission?”

In ORION’S SWORD, twelve-year-old Bariah struggles with his friend’s death after encountering a terrifying herbatrox in the alien jungle surrounding the Orion settlement. Bariah not only lost his nerve in the jungle, but also turned bitter toward God.

Just when Bariah thinks things can’t get worse, psychotic telepath Lazar Mallus threatens Orion by attempting to steal their essential power cells and shuttle. When Bariah thwarts Mallus’s efforts by taking a critical shuttle component, Mallus telepathically turns Orion’s citizens against Bariah. He is then forced to flee into the jungle where he must face his fears and lack of faith in a battle with Mallus.

On the upside, Bariah has two friends along to help. On the downside, one is Teesha, Mallus’s niece, whose allegiance is questionable at best, and the other is Gizmo, who has fewer survival skills than a baby pit bunny. The mission to defeat Mallus finally leads them to Bariah’s greatest fear of all and a life-or-death struggle.