The illustrations are absolutely stunningly beautiful! I am truly blown away at how alive the scenes feel and how well you have represented not just the people but the surrounding environment, I almost wish the book came with sounds to go with the images.
You truly have a gift!…

Absolutely great work, I have a hard time not staring at the illustrations and losing myself in them 😀

Curatorial and Heritage Researcher
Sncəwips Heritage Museum

Our students were very fortunate to have Loraine visit our school. She presented to students in grades 3 – 6 for 45 minutes in the gym, followed by two workshops with students in grades 3 and 5.  Throughout her enthusiastic presentation, students were engaged by her illustrations and commentary, and they were taught techniques that illustrators use. During the workshops, students were led through drawing exercises and were given a challenge to continue working on after she left. Students were fully on task and excited about what they were producing. I would not hesitate to ask Loraine to come back to our school in the future. It was a very inspiring presentation.

Wendy Beaudoin
Teacher-Librarian/Literacy Support
Bankhead Elementary

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful presentation that you did for our grade five and six students today.   I’ve never seen our kids so engaged and attentive!  They definitely learned a lot about how to use colour and space in drawings.   All three teachers came to tell me how much their students enjoyed the individual class workshops as well.  Our intermediate art teacher mentioned how great it was that the students got to learn about shading and pencil drawings.  They often do lots of painting and crafts, but this was a new opportunity for their artistic skill development.  The students also really enjoyed the directed drawing and loved the idea that their creative work could end up on your website!  I am so impressed at the quality of work that they produced for you in such a short time.  I know that you had an impact on our kids because at the end of the day, one of the students came to me and wanted to know where we keep the “Loraine Kemp books” in our library!

I also appreciate you taking the time to talk to my grade ones for a few minutes this morning.  They were very excited to meet a “real illustrator” and were still talking about you this afternoon when they came for their library block!

I definitely hope that we can bring you back in the future to work with more of our students.  Thanks for a great day!

Shawna Horning – Teacher/Librarian – North Glenmore Elementary

Loraine Kemp has presented at École Glenmore School on two occasions. Both were wonderful sessions.  On the first occasion she accompanied author Lyn Hancock who was at Glenmore to talk about her book Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon.  Loraine did the illustrations for that book and so while Lyn talked to some classes about the writing process, Loraine offered hands-on drawing workshops to other classes.  The next time Loraine visited she was there as both a soon-to-be-published author (Orion’s Sword) and again in her capacity as an illustrator.  During this session Loraine had a half-hour PowerPoint presentation on the drawing process (including pictures she had drawn in her elementary school years), followed by drawing exercises for the students that concentrated on emphasizing detail.  As mentioned, students responded enthusiastically to both sessions. Please note that Loraine can customize her presentations to include caricatures of people the class is studying for specific units.

J Gillett, BA, BEd, MLS, MEd

Hello Loraine,

Thank you very much for your presentation to our Grade 3 class at Glenmore Elementary. The students were very interested and engaged in learning about your journey as an illustrator. They also really enjoyed having the opportunity to see you demo some drawings and of course have a chance to try some drawing themselves. It was an inspiring hour of art! I’d love to have you back to my class next year.

Thank you,

Laira Jacobson

From: Dr. Sandra Sellick (retired principal).

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Loraine Kemp. As a school principal in 2005, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Loraine as she prepared illustrations for Lyn Hancock’s book Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon published by Sono Nis Press (ISBN- 10: 1-55039-156-9 and ISBN-13: 978-1-55039-156-5).

This very positive and memorable experience came about after Loraine contacted me to propose a project involving students…  Click here to read more…

The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Loraine as she used us as models for her drawings – seeing the illustrations later in a published book was definitely a highlight for all involved.  Loraine was professional in this role, her illustrations were amazingly accurate and the school community was thrilled to be named in a published book – a wonderful keepsake for everyone!

Donna Stathers (Vice principal at the time of illustrations)