Bankhead Elementary

School challenges:

I am going to various schools giving presentations and workshops on illustrating. I have issued to each school an illustrating challenge. I read an excerpt from Orion’s Sword (my yet-to-be published fantasy) that describes a creature in the story. The students then illustrate the creature based either on my idea of what it might look like or their ideas. I give them the freedom to do whatever they want and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with both their imagination and skill. Have a look for yourself!

Dracominx & Terracancer Challenges

The dracominx and terracancer challenge illustrations came from Bankhead Elementary in Kelowna. Many thanks go to Wendy Beaudoin, their efficient and fun librarian, who invited me for the morning of March 12, 2015. The morning consisted of one presentation in the gym to grades 3 – 6 and two workshops in the library.

 The Dracominx Challenge:

The grade 3’s took on the dracominx challenge, and drew pictures based upon the following excerpt from my yet-to-be published novel, Orion’s Sword.

            “WhLoraine Kempat’s that animal?” whispered Teesha, close behind me. “Aaaaww, so cute!” Teesha parted the grass for a better look.
          I groaned and pulled her back. “Believe me, they are anything but cute. Those are dracominxes.” A couple of stubby-legged, fat-bodied creatures fought over what appeared to be a huge bone about twenty yards away by the creek. “They like to hang out at water sources and wait for prey. And they don’t just go for little things, either. I’ve watched them take down a full grown bulatan by nipping it on the leg first, then wait for it to get dizzy from their poison. When it goes down, they all attack, basically eating it alive. Not cute at all.”
            The dracominxes froze, red eyes boring into us. We jumped up and ran, growls and scrabbling little paws close behind.


 The Terracancer Challenge:

The grade 5’s took on the terracancer challenge, and drew pictures based upon the following excerpt.

Author Loraine Kemp            What stood in front of me stopped me in my tracks. I’d never seen this creature before. It was as tall as me but five times as wide. It reminded me of an Earth crab. Only this creature had more legs, and what looked like eyes all over its shiny black shell. It chattered and held its clawed front legs high.

            I ordered my legs to run, but they stood still.