Chute Lake Road Elementary

School challenges:

 I am going to various schools giving presentations and workshops on illustrating. I have issued to each school an illustrating challenge. I read an excerpt from Orion’s Sword (my yet-to-be published fantasy) that describes a creature in the story. The students then illustrate the creature based either on my idea of what it might look like or their ideas. I give them the freedom to do whatever they want and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with both their imagination and skill. Have a look for yourself!

The Pazion Serpent Challenge
The pazion serpent challenge comes from Chute Lake Road Elementary in Kelowna. Many thanks go to Sarah Parmar, their very welcoming librarian, who invited me to take part in the “Art In Action” day at their school on the afternoon of March 11, 2015. The afternoon consisted of one presentation and workshop in the library to grades 4 – 5.

The grades 4 – 5 took on the pazion serpent challenge, and drew pictures based upon the following excerpt.

Loraine Kemp - authorA foot-high black fin sliced through the water in front of me. I leaned back and kicked at the pazion. But the serpent’s black and green body wrapped tightly around my legs and yanked me down. I gulped a breath before going under. As I pummelled its rough scaly skin, an orange serpent eye the size of my whole face appeared a foot away. I punched it. The grip around my legs loosened, then tightened more than before and dragged me deeper and deeper into the cold dark water. My lungs ached for air and my head pounded.