School challenges:

I am going to various schools giving presentations and workshops on illustrating. I have issued to each school an illustrating challenge. I read an excerpt from Orion’s Sword (my yet-to-be published fantasy) that describes a creature in the story. The students then illustrate the creature based either on my idea of what it might look like or their ideas. I give them the freedom to do whatever they want and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with both their imagination and skill. Have a look for yourself!


Shearcat Challenge

The shearcat challenge comes from Quigley Elementary in Rutland. Their enthusiasm for this task was amazing and their talent is obvious. Many thanks go to Rosie Stewart, their accommodating and sweet librarian, who invited me for most of May 7, 2015. The morning consisted of one presentation and a workshop, and the afternoon consisted of another workshop, all within the library.

The grades 4 – 6 took on the shearcat challenge, and drew pictures based upon the following excerpt.

Loraine Kempp - illustrator"Without warning , a small whirlwind of brown and white fur sprang on me and nipped my hand. I flipped the little beast onto his back in my lap. He lay, all four dark brown feet sticking in the air, with his fluffy striped tail thrashing back and forth. His beige eyes with a vertical slit squinted at me, as if to say, “Admit it. I scared you!”

“Nipper! You brate!” I scratched his tummy and he gnawed gently on my fingers. He crawled up to my face and licked my nose. I turned my head. Nipper’s mouth smelled like moist dirty socks. He was always affectionate with me, but sometimes it came at a cost. 




I also issued a challenge to Quigley Elementary to send in any general drawings they wanted to show off, and they rose to the challenge and sent me many wonderful drawings! Here they are! What a fun bunch of kids they were!