School Presentations

Loraine welcomes the opportunity to talk about illustrating and how she became an illustrator. She is available for presentations and workshops for grades 1 – 9.

At Loraine’s illustrator presentations to grades 1 – 6, she will:

  • Show her own drawings from grades 1 – 5
  • Invite children to notice more details in the world around them
  • Talk about seeing the big picture first then adding details later
  • Tell children her three main secrets for helping them draw more accurately
  • Demo well known animated characters using the above principals

Loraine Kemp and Karen Autio Joint Presentations and Writing and Illustration Workshops.

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 Loraine prefers to present to groups of up to 90 in libraries, but can also present to larger groups in gyms, given the proper equipment. (PA system, large screen and hook-ups to her laptop.) For workshops, each participant must have access to a desk, a pencil and an eraser.